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The intersection of technology and sustainability at Duke University.

Durham, NC


The Duke Smart Home is a student organization at Duke University, focused on exploring sustainable living as well as the cutting-edge of environmentally friendly technology. The Duke Smart Home organization is comprised of two key components: a residential program, and a project-based student club.

Residential Program

The Smart Home residential program is dynamic and vibrant living and learning community. Every year, 10 undergraduate students from Duke University are selected through an application process to become Smart Home residents. Meet this year's residents.

Smart Home Club

The Duke Smart Home club an organization open to all Duke students, rooted in the investigation and exploration of smart home and sustainable technologies. This mission is implented through a variety of exciting projects. You can view all of the ongoing projects here.


The Home Depot Smart Home house is a LEED Platinum certified student dorm. With 6,000 square feet of space, the home houses 10 students and includes many innovative features, from laboratory space to a community garden. You can explore some of the features of the home below.


There are several public tours held during the school year.


The members of the Smart Home student club and residential community are involved in a variety of projects, from building solar benches and electric bikes to pioneering thermoelectric cookers. For more information about getting involved in a project or starting your own project, feel free to contact the Smart Home exec team or the project leads. Here are overviews of all the current Smart Home projects.


Executive Team

2022-23 Residents


For general inquiries, click our mail icon below or send to contact@dukesmarthome.com
For a look at our current club organization constitution, click the constitution icon below.
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